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DNA Testing
Our company has teamed up with Genetica. Why Genetica? Genetica DNA Laboratories is one of the largest and most experienced private DNA testing laboratories in the US. Since 1998 they have preformed thousands of DNA identity test-DNA Parentage and identity testing are the only tests Genetica performs. The special Genetica DNA testing process is so stringent; three average power of exclusion is greater than 99.999999%. What does this mean to you? There level of accuracy is over 1 million times higher than most state and government standards. All tests performed by Genetica have guaranteed results which are court admissible. The test is painless. A cotton swab on the inside of the mouth is all that is needed.
Results are back in 3 business days.
Who is helped by DNA testing?
Parents required to identifying the custody and/or visitation rights of their children
Parents seeking child support
Grandparents wanting to verify the identity of their grandchildren
Adoptees who want to identify their biological family members
Family members wanting to receive death benefits may also need a test completed
Fees for testing:
Alleged father and 1 child   $400.00
Additional child                      $250.00
(Must be completed at the same time as original test)
Mobile testing
First 25 miles                             $nocharge
Mileage                                        $0.75 per mile to the location only
You are not charged round trip.
We offer a payment plan. You may pay any portion of the total cost at any time. All money is non refundable. We will perform the testing for you however it will not be processed until all money is paid.
If you would like to make an appointment or pay by credit card please visit our DNA appointment page to your left.