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Drug Screening
The most important feature of a drug screen is to know that you will have an accurate test.

We have teamed up with Quest Diagnostics. With this company behind us we can guarantee you will have an accurate test, testing done in a timely manner, personal and confidential as always.

We strive to be the best in this industry. We offer all types and kinds of drug screening. Our company supersedes the rest of the industry for we can do testing in our office, your office, or any other location that is needed. We offer24/7 service to our customers. We have testing from an immediate results to sending it in to the lab for testing and diagnosis.

Reasons you may want to test:
Random testing
Return to Duty
Federal and Non-Federal testing
Child Custody

You may call 254-537-1010 for an appointment or questions. You may also fill out our appointment form. You will be emailed with a confirmation of your appointment. You choose your day and time and if available you will be emailed with the confirmation. Please go to our appointment page to make an appointment.